Autism and Intellectual Disability in Ghana

The Project Haven/TCNJ Autism Project took place in Ghana in April 2014 and sought to increase autism awareness throughout the country.  The project provided training and technical assistance to government, higher education, k-12 schools, health care providers and families.   Additionally, the project helped to increase services and support for individuals with autism and their familiesContinue Reading

The Transition Academy (Summer 2015)

The Transition Academy for Youth with Autism is designed as a 3 week summer residential and/or day program that operates from Monday-Friday for youth (ages 18-21) with autism. Continue Reading

Autism Awareness Week 2014

The Center for Autism will be hosting several events from April 8th through 9th, 2014 for Autism Awareness Week.  These events include a presentation by Dr. Petroff and Dr. Blumberg on their work on the Ghana Autism Project, a film presentation of the Black Balloon, and a presentation by Kerry Magro.  Click here for moreContinue Reading

2013 Autism Institute

2013 Autism Institute

The 2013 Autism Institute will consist of three days of capacity building workshops for educators, allied professionals and family members. Featured presenters and topics will include: April 1, Dr. Jed Baker “No More Meltdowns; April 4, Dr. Judy Pope- Structured Teaching and April 5, Dr. Toni Van Laarhoven- Technology Support for Learners with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Continue Reading